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Packing Supplies in Vancouver

The Best Spot to Buy Packing Supplies in Vancouver

With rents steadily increasing and more and more landlords taking advantage of loopholes and ‘renovicting’ their tenants, finding affordable housing in Vancouver is harder than ever. More and more Vancouverites are moving each year, trying to keep up with the red-hot real estate market.

Listen, we know that last time you moved was probably a very stressful experience. Just this once it would be nice to have your next move to or from Vancouver be a tear-free day, right? But if you want that to happen, you have to change your routine. You’ve gotta try something different.

The first place to start? No more heading to the BCLS the day before a big move and hoping they’ll have enough flimsy wine boxes to get you through your moving day. Get ahead of the crowd and order your special moving and packing supplies from BC's Best Move instead!

Moving Boxes That Work

There are two significant problems with relying on other people’s recycling for your cardboard boxes. Firstly, those boxes weren’t designed to hold all your stuff—they were designed to carry bottles or bags of French fries! Anybody who’s tried to cram a bookshelf’s worth of novels into a wine box knows that the dimensions of your moving boxes make a huge difference. Going over their weight limit means you need to apply a ridiculous amount of tape to get them to hold their shape, and even then there’s the real risk of collapse. Bankers boxes may be great for files, but they weren’t made to hold heavy kitchen appliances.

The second problem is that you don’t always have a reliable supply of those cardboard boxes when you need them. We’ve all had a move or two where a few garbage bags’ worth of clothes ended up in there. That’s a real risk for losing or damaging your precious belongings.

What’s more, when you collect moving boxes from different sources, you’ll end up with all sorts of different sized containers, making stacking everything into a moving truck a nightmare.

Do better this year. Call BC's Best Move for sturdy and standard moving boxes that can hold a lot of something light or a little of something large consistently, safely, and efficiently.

Bubble Wrap and Moving Blankets

When you try to cowboy your move without the proper packing and moving supplies, your furniture gets dinged and banged up, your bookshelves collapse, and the China set you inherited from your great-grandmother gets turned into very valuable dust.

Rent moving blankets, bubble wrap, and other professional moving supplies from BC's Best Move and you’ll be amazed at how all your stuff gets to where it needs to go in one piece. Imagine a move where you throw stuff out before you arrive at your new place, instead of afterward! It’s a major upgrade to your lifestyle.

You already have to deal with moving, which is hard enough. Why not make it that much easier on yourself and use the same tools professional movers do? Call us today for a free estimate!

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