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If you want to move a piano from one location to another, we invite you to contact the esteemed professionals at BC's Best Move. Ranked among the finest of all movers in the region, we have the equipment, the know-how and the energy needed to get your piano where it needs to go.

Alongside our valued moving services comes the added benefit of excellent rates, on-time arrivals, swift service, and much more. We are a piano moving company that handles pianos and clients with care.

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Piano Movers You Can Count On

When the time comes to move a piano, you need to know which moving company to call. The average moving company might have runners, vans, and a handful of sturdy laborers, but moving a piano requires more than a reasonably sized vehicle and eager workers. You need a moving company that has experience maneuvering large objects up and down significant flights of stairs. That is where we come in.

Over the years, we have proven ourselves to be the most celebrated piano moving company in the region. We have ascended the ranks and earned the approval of so many because we have handled countless pianos with care. From the moment we arrive until the moment we move the piano into your new location, we promise to treat your piano and the surrounding environment with respect. You will not have to worry about scratched walls, scuffed floors, or damaged pianos.

Alongside our promise of cautious and swift piano moving services comes the added promise of start-to-finish customer service. Do you need an up-front and accurate quote before you enlist us as your movers of choice? Just ask. We are transparent at every turn, ensuring you know what you are paying for. This is just one of the many benefits that come with working with us.

BC's Best Move is the team to call for your piano moving needs. Whether you are moving to a new property or need your piano moved temporarily, we have the skills and expertise to move your piano safely.

As the area's best movers, we will take every necessary precaution to ensure your piano doesn't incur a single scratch in transit and that it is taken apart and pieced back together correctly.

We keep our prices competitive so we can give you an outstanding service without disrupting your finances.

Call us today at (778) 955-5477 and tell us when your moving day is and we’ll schedule a pickup at a time that is most convenient for you.

The Area's Trusted Piano Movers

Pianos are expensive, cumbersome, and delicate –an amateur moving company's worst nightmare. However, here at BC's Best Move, we have been specializing in moving pianos for many years and have successfully moved a wide variety of them.

Our clients often hire us again for their piano moving services because we fundamentally understand how they are put together, allowing us to move them more safely and readily. If you need your piano moved, contact us right away to see why our clients are always satisfied with our services. High-end customer service and quality piano care in moving are waiting for you when you call (778) 955-5477. 

Piano Moving Tailored to Your Needs

Do you need to get a piano out of—or onto—the third floor of a building? This might be a problem for some—but not for us. We know how to address the unique needs of our clientele, no matter what they may be. Is it a grand piano that you need to move? Never fear. Are there multiple pianos that need to be relocated? We can help you.

To protect your precious piano in transit, you will require the careful hands of our moving pros. Pianos require a bit of extra attention during the moving process due to their delicacy. You will need to put your valuable piano in the hands of our pro movers. We will take your piano anywhere you need it to go, whenever you want.

Every piano is unique, and therefore every piano moving solution will be different. We will consider all of the factors, including piano size, model, type of wood, and how the piano was made, so that we can take the utmost care of your instrument. We’ll also create a plan of action based on the hallways and dimensions of your new and old space.

Professional Piano Disassembly and Assembly

We are practical movers. Our practical approach keeps us from making risky decisions when it comes to your valuable pianos. If the easiest solution requires us to safely disassemble your piano, we will do it. Why take a risk when the worry-free route is available for use? All we want is to get your piano to the new location of your choosing as swiftly and safely as possible. Our expert approach to piano disassembly and reassembly will make all the difference when the time comes.

To move your piano efficiently and securely, we will need to partly disassemble your piano. We will safely remove the legs piano legs and pad everything up so nothing can move, including the fallboard and the lid. We will tip it onto our trusty moving dolly and bring it into the truck and secure it, ensuring it doesn't hit anything on the way.

Once we get to our destination, we will bring your piano to the place it needs to be and put it back together again.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are the piano movers to call when you have a piano that is too big to move in one piece.

Prompt, Professional Piano Relocation

By the time the piano moving day comes around, we will be prepared for the move. We will show up with our specialized moving van and our professional staff, who will be ready to work.

They will take the piano apart, transport it, and put it back together at record speed. For an experienced piano mover, please call BC's Best Move.

Premier Piano Movers

BC's Best Move is proud to be the local area’s premier team of piano movers. We combine years of experience with rigorous safety protocols to move your piano quickly, efficiently, and without risk of injury. Take stress out of the equation, and choose us for all your piano-moving needs.

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Piano Moving Done Right

Piano moving is a tricky process that involves a skilled hand. Even if you've decided to save a bit of money and hire an amateur moving company, it's wise to hire experienced piano movers to handle your instrument.

BC's Best Move has been ensuring the safe transportation of Langley pianos for years, and has a reputation for providing service that is reliable, efficient and affordable. We’ve moved pianos of all sorts and sizes, providing comprehensive solutions to put our clients’ minds at ease. If you're planning a move and are looking for an experienced company you can trust with your piano, look no further.

With our piano moving services, you can expect:

  • On-time service
  • Competitive rates
  • Rigorous safety measures
  • Safe, reliable transportation
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Piano Moving Specialists

Moving a piano requires more than sheer muscle power. It requires meticulous planning and measurement-taking. It requires rigorous safety measures that ensure no damage to your home or property. It requires a time-tested team of skilled, professional piano movers.

We’re proud to combine all those qualities.

At our company, we put skill and strategy before strength. We've invested in high-quality moving equipment and instrument-specific protective gear to secure an incident-free piano move, every time. Every employee on our team is fully trained in piano moving best practices. Plus, we staff sizeable crews so that with many hands, your piano is better prepped and protected. When you need a piano moved, choose the team you can trust. Choose the team of piano moving specialists.

Choose BC's Best Move.

Any Piano, Anywhere

Pianos come in many shapes and sizes. Fortunately, we know how to move them all.

We have experience moving pianos of varying heights and weights, for example:

  • Spinet pianos
  • Console pianos
  • Studio pianos
  • Professional pianos

We move pianos in all types of locations, including homes, businesses, concert halls, apartments, and more. Using strategic moving solutions, we’ve managed to transport pianos safely through even the most hard-to-navigate spaces, such as cramped corridors or winding stairways. Wherever your destination, you can trust us to get your piano there in one piece.

Want more information about our piano moving labour strategies? Feel free to contact us by phone, and we'll gladly explain our process step-by-step.

Piano Moving Solutions Tailored to You

Like all of your belongings, pianos are precious items, but unlike your books, pots and pans, they require an extra level of attention given their fragile nature. When moving, your piano can't be trusted with just anybody, you need a company that understands how to properly handle such an instrument.

Every piano is unique, and therefore needs a moving solution that reflects that. There are many factors to consider when moving a piano, ranging from type and size to the wood used in its construction. By taking the time to fully examine your piano prior to getting it ready for transportation, BC's Best Move is able to provide moving solutions that are tailored to your specific piano.

Get a Customized Piano Move Quote

No two moving jobs are alike. Over the years, we've successfully hauled upright pianos of all kinds down flights of stairs, across the province, and over precious porcelain tile floors. We take extreme caution to factor in every potential safety hazard of the moving job at hand to come prepared with the appropriate safety measures.

To that end, we invite our clients to reach out to us for customized estimates. No cookie-cutter offers, here. Send us a picture of your piano and a brief description of the details of the move. We'll carefully assess the labor required to provide you with a written cost breakdown, obligation-free.

Disassembly and Assembly Available

While some pianos can be transported in one piece, other, larger models require careful disassembly in order to make the journey. If you own a grand piano or something similar, contact us today to inquire about our disassembly process.

As with our regular piano moving services, when moving pianos that require disassembly we take care to expertly wrap each part of the instrument so it is protected on all sides, ensuring it arrives at its destination without a scratch on it. Once your piano arrives at its new home, our experienced team will skillfully reassemble it, so you can enjoy playing it right away.

Quick Piano Moving Services

Piano moving is inherently a labour-intensive job. Pianos are very heavy and very fragile—it takes a steady, skillful hand to safeguard the instrument during a move. While our crews execute sound, strategic labour practices, we're anything but slow. Our company has garnered a reputation for its fast track record.

We maintain a perfect balance of speed and safety to deliver your piano as quickly as possible, with as little risk as possible. Our team is punctual, dependable, and professional, always sticking to a deadline to ensure your satisfaction. After all, we know you’re busy. We know you can’t wait around for your moving company. That’s why we make sure to serve you in the time frame we give you. On time, every time: That’s our promise to you.

For a time estimate on your upcoming move, please give us a call.

Discover the BC's Best Move Difference

While other moving companies may be able to move your piano, there's a world of difference between a moving company that can do the move, and one that can do it properly. Our trucks are specially equipped to transport pianos—we don't simply place your piano in with all of your other belongings and hope for the best.

When you hire us to move your piano, you're hiring a company that views your instrument as something more than just another piece of furniture. We understand how precious pianos are, and are committed to exceeding our client's expectations with the quality of our service.

Affordable Piano Moving Services

Piano moving is a niche service, and not many moving companies offer it—it can be challenging to find a reasonable price. In an industry chock-full of overinflated fees and sky-high charges, we operate differently.

We provide affordable piano moving based on competitive rates and efficient service solutions. We work hard, but we also work smart to drive down costs and lower our overhead, helping us charge less for our services.

Our rates are consistently below market averages because we care about establishing lifelong client relationships. Saving you money service by service is just one way we prioritize our customers.

There's no need to take our word for it, though. Request a personalized estimate today—the quote we give you will be music to your ears!

Local and Long-Distance Piano Moving

The distance doesn't matter to us—we perform both local and long-distance moves. Our commitment to protecting your piano stays the same, regardless of the kilometres we travel along the way. On long hauls, you'll appreciate the efforts we take to control the temperature of our trucks. We understand that pianos are sensitive to temperature and moisture conditions. We'll take every precaution to maintain an optimal in-transit environment from beginning to end.

We offer competitive rates, flexible scheduling, and regular tracking updates for all moving services both local and long-distance. Whether you’re staying in town or moving further afield, you can count on us for fast, efficient moving services—and moving your piano is no exception. Trust us with the job, and you’ll have your piano ready for use in no time. And with no skin off your back.

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BC's Best Move employees reserve the right to decline piano moving for any reason deemed unsafe by movers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see what we can do for you and to get a quote for your move.

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For professional piano moving, look no further than our team to get it done right. We combine years of experience with a stellar record of success, having moved countless pianos in and around the local area. Tested, trusted, and experienced: we’re the team you can count on.

Clients near and far have come to trust us as their go-to moving company. Moving pianos is no exception. Piano owners across the area know us as their top choice for safe, professional moving services. They know us as a timely, dependable service provider, one known for quality, honest, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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